As we are about to leave for the championships, I am reflecting on years past.
Many of you don't know how SWDC began and also how lucky we are to have our regional championships right here in Houston EVERY YEAR!
I attended my first Regional Championship in St Louis, MO.  That was in the 80's and we only had four regions in the US.  It was a long  haul and meant taking  off several work  days and spending a lot of money!
So, SWDC was formed so that we could compete in a champs and stay closer to home with friendlier rules.
Then USDF divided the country into more regions, 9 now, so that no one would have to travel far.  Houston just happens to have the largest venue, Great Southwest EC so we usually get the bid.  However, our region covers five staes and many of the competitors have to make quite a trip to be here.
When you meet someone this weekend from out of town, appreciate their efforts. 
And know that this show is a culmination of efforts from years past.
But mostly, have fun and enjoy the efforts of those past volunteers who brought the show and sport to this moment in time.

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