quadrille lessons

You can see the finished product on the website:  http://solstice-farms.com/
It really looks great but it has been a journey!
The quadrille lessons were different for everyone but we all ended up with better horses and better riding skills.  Loverboy had to learn to play well with others, he had a tendency to pin his ears when Furiant came close.  After the third or fourth week of practice however, Mary and I were "Clinking stirrups" regularly.  As his rider, I had to learn to stop worrying that he might kick another horse.  They all seemed to get into the herd thing and got along.
Many horses had to learn to speed up or lengthen their stride on command.  Others needed to collect.
We all learned the meaning of "dress right and left"
Mostly we learned to ride as a team.  In this highly individual sport, it was perhaps the best lesson yet.
Thanks to Emee for inspiring us!

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