The comfort zone

I don't know about you but there is a little voice inside of me that says, "Nothing good comes without suffering".  Hard work and toil are a badge of courage and a reason for disdain toward others who we label as "slackers"
OK so compare that with every riding lesson you've ever had.  How many times do you hear the word, "relax".  Or the phrase, "Don't try so hard"?
Hmm something is amiss here.
Our horses should exhibit, "Relaxation of the back, elasticity of the steps, harmony, attention and confidence."
And yet, also "a desire to go forward, engagement of the hind quarters, impulsion.  All these require work and energy from them and us.
So where is the balance between the two seemingly opposite ideas?
Think of it this way.  With every ride,  spend most of your time in the comfort zone.  Familiar movements and gaits.  Then spend 20-30 percent of the time pushing the edge.  Get out of the comfort zone but . . . make sure to return there before the ride is done.  And mostly, recognize the difference.
and . . .don't try so hard!
by Marie Morgan

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