Training Overview

We offer goal and process oriented training. It is important to have a goal and time-line in mind when training a horse. Goals are discussed with the owners, and are frequently re-evaluated and adjusted. It is our utmost desire to help our clients achieve their goals and dreams. Our goal is to develop beautiful and healthy horses, and owners who have fun with their partner and their sport.

We must never lose sight of what is best for our horses. Therefore, we are careful to not let the goal overcome the need for systematic and compassionate development of each horse.

Training is a complex process that, if done correctly, develops a horse at its optimal rate without wasting time. Since we train our horses in dressage, arena work necessarily becomes the main focus. Nonetheless, all athletes, especially horses, benefit greatly from cross- training. Ground work, cavaletti, and riding out in the field keep our horses happy, forward- thinking and well rounded.

We offer several training packages to suit each horse and rider combination. Training contracts are individualized, and are therefore by private treaty. Prices depend on the services requested, but start at $400 per month.  Training rides can be scheduled with our assistant trainers, Laura Nicholls and Katie White.


Options Pricing
Full training please inquire
Half training please inquire
Single training ride $60